Sunday, March 30, 2014

China Expats & Foreign Students Are Exploited By CUCAS Fake Domain Scam & Beijing ChiWest Partner Company

Only because CUCAS owners have hired hackers to delete dozens of complaints from customers and continues to post numerous fake reviews and testimonials that praise their own company have we found it necessary to create this blog just to warn students across the world:

* CUCAS is NOT a Government Agency
* CUCAS is NOT a University or College
* CUCAS is NOT part of the Ministry of Education

Cucas is a privately-owned and operated "for profit" company according the Beijing business license issued to its owner Zheng Tian Ying.  The same Mr. Zheng also owns another company called Beijing ChiWest.

These domain names are illegally being used by CUCAS at this time to mislead prospects:

Beijing ChiWest is illegally using this domain at this time:

.cn and domains are reserved for use by Chinese government entities and universities. 

Therefore please use extreme caution in dealing with either of these entities which specialize in luring foreign students to study in China "For Free", but in the end they are asked to pay huge "processing", "application" or "enrollment" fees that are non-refundable.

2018 CUCAS SCAM UPDATE:  These scammers are now using multiple alias company names and are fully exposed at on pages 1-4 and search them at as well. Peter Zheng is a veteran scammer trained well by the Chinese government where he worked for 7 years.