Thursday, May 7, 2015

Warning: Gi2c China Internship Scam Using Pakistani Boiler Room To Call "From London Office"

Beware all university seniors and recent graduates - you are already a target of a clever scam that will offer you an amazing opportunity to get a $60,000 job in China - if only you are willing to do a free 90 day internship with an MNC.  This scam is going on its 7th year and cannot be shut down because it is based in mainland China but victims think they are getting called from the "London Office" of Gi2c:

Once they register you with a $300 "processing fee" or "subcription fee" you are told is "refundable" they lead you down a golden path with fake reviews and "testimonials".  Hang up the phone immediately and block their number and email or you will eventually pay a fee ranging from $999 to $3,699 for that "connection" they promise to make for you with the MNC company.

Roughly 200 gullible grads are swindled every month. Don't become their next victim, You can get a real Fortune 500 job internship in China for FREE just by following the instructions here:

If the Gi2c people are still trying to charm you out of your money read these links and then you won't feel shy or bad about telling them to "Buzz Off!"

If you cannot read the above screen shots try here:

2018 Gi2C SCAM UPDATE:  These scammers are now using multiple alias company names and are fully exposed at on pages 1-4.  The names they are now using include;



Wiseway Global Co.

Laowai Career Central

Wiseway International

Beijing Wiseway Consulting

And there may be more alias entities we do not know of.  But go to instead of google and search "gi2c, scam" because Google helps to conceal them since they spend a lot of money on Google Adwords.  Your search will bring up dozens of horror stories and the fact that they fabricate their own testimonials and reviews that say how great they are.